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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Search for the Successful Query

I will never like writing query letters. People say, "You just wrote a whole book. Writing one query letter can't be that hard." On the face of it, you'd think they're right. But when it comes to finding a query that fits you, your book, and what an agent is looking for, it's far easier said than written.

But, I push on. There's really no choice, not if I want to ever be published. I think I have a great manuscript with interesting characters and a fascinating story. It's been polished and re-polished. It's been critiqued as much as possible via an online writer's group. The only thing I'm missing, then, is a query letter that will get an agent to take a closer look.

Every time I think I have a good query letter, I read something else that makes me think maybe I don't. It's a vicious circle. Again, the only way I'll find out for sure is to keep sending the query letters out, to keep trying. One day, somehow, I WILL make it.

In other news: Two queries are out for Kricket's Song, using a slightly new, more streamlined format. Not sure when I can expect responses. Most agents took some time off over the holidays, but I'm sure the flood of queries didn't, so there will be some catching up to do. I'm researching a third agent and hope to have another query letter out within the next few days (though after researching her, I'm reminded my current query may not be great and I might have to write yet another version).

Kricket's Key is getting edited and polished. Once I'm through editing what I have, I'll push to get the rough draft done.

And I finally broke down and signed up for Twitter. I have no idea what I'll do with it. Perhaps I can use it to network. We'll see. You can find me under @BryanRDurkin .

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