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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I'm back. I'm like that dud round you keep tossing on the ground, and yet, I somehow end up back in your magazine. Or that really annoying writer with the uninteresting blog who keeps promising this year he will finally get published. Yeah...I went there.

Regardless, here I am, again. 2013 was not as productive a year as I had hoped it would be. The early months started out great, with Kricket's Key nearing 75% completion. I did a bunch of query letter drafts for Kricket's Song. The folks at Absolute Write put my drafts through the wringer, and while I got a lot of helpful advice, I reached the point where I felt like I wasn't improving anymore. So the only thing left was to start querying agents again.

And then, summer started early for me. I got a promotion in my summer job which led to me starting work about a month early, and there were plenty of fires, so I ended up working some pretty long weeks. Then I ended up in Israel for a couple weeks, a week-long hunting trip in Arizona after that. Then it was the holidays, and family, and one thing after another, behold--it's 2014!

Yeah I know, excuses, excuses...

I wasn't entirely unproductive, just mostly. Remember those 8 drafts of query letters I talked about in the last post? That became 14. And now, using a completely different draft, I've sent out another query letter, and I hope to hear some good news soon. Or it could just be another Form-R. We'll see. Kricket's Song also got put through another round of very light polishing, just cleaning up some overly long phrases and using stronger action verbs. After being away from the manuscript for the better part of six months, fifteen minutes of work on the first chapter left me feeling immensely more positive about it.

So now I'm going to start the push on query letters once again, and see if I can't find an agent who will work with me. I'm also hoping to get back to work on Kricket's Key and perhaps another, unrelated project, just so I don't have all my bullets in one gun...or is that all my eggs in one basket... I like my analogy better.

If you read this blog, thanks. Sincerely. I like to think I'm a decent enough fiction writer, but when it comes to the social media thing, it's obviously not my forte. But I do appreciate every read I get! Here's to lots more this year!

Happy New Year!

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