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Friday, September 16, 2011

Settling Down

Transition periods are never easy, and this one has probably been more complicated than most that I've been through. Maybe I was just lucky in the past, or unlucky during this one. But it seems that nothing has worked out the way it was planned, and though I think everything is finally coming together, it feels like it's just been one set of frustration after another.

That being said, as I had hoped, I've been getting decent amounts of time off, and I've finally started working on some of my writing projects again. I spent two days re-reading Kricket's Song and going over my notes to get back into the flow of it, and I intend to continue working on the rough draft over the coming days. I also spent a couple of hours yesterday editing "Exequies." Some concerns had been raised by one or two beta readers that there was some content which might be disturbing to a mainstream audience, simply because it might be taken the wrong way at first. So, I tried to tone that stuff down a bit - and make it less open to misinterpretation - as well as just generally tightening up the manuscript. I plan to spend today looking for another market to submit it to, to hopefully get it published.

After that, it's back to Kricket's Song, as well as looking at a couple of the other short story projects I'd been working on earlier this year, including "The Wall" and "The Abyss." I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things!

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