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Sunday, July 4, 2010

"The Serenity Solution" Project, Part 3

Following are the bios for the rest of the main characters.

Harmony - A mysterious woman representing the city of Intensity in trade talks with Serenity, Harmony uses only her pseudonym to protect her real identity. For all intents and purposes, she appears to be a simple diplomat, but she is working for a shady group of people which is trying to extend its control over the seven city-states. Despite her current affiliations, Harmony remains fiercely independent, and she uses her paramilitary and espionage backgrounds to catch her opponents off guard.

Master Chief Joseph Gates - As the Commanding Officer of the Serenity Police Department and a veteran of the streets himself, Gates finds himself in the unenviable position of balancing his Officers' needs with playing the political game his office requires. Generally good-natured and practical, Gates doesn't tolerate nonsense from anyone in his chain of command, either above or below his pay grade. Keeping Serenity and her citizens safe is his primary objective.

Chief Bram Heisman - Heisman is the selfish, unscrupulous second-in-command of the Serenity Police Department, and also the leader of the city's Administration, the "watchdog" organization which controls nearly every aspect of the city. Although ostensibly operating under the orders of the Administration Directorate, which oversees each city's Administration, Heisman seems to have his own agenda.

Maxim - Operating as Serenity's representative opposing Harmony's position in the trade talks, Maxim also uses his pseudonym to protect his real identity. Maxim is a highly skilled player on the political field, and is more than capable of countering Harmony's arguments. Regardless of his personal feelings or belief's, his goal is to ensure Serenity comes out on top in any negotiations.

That's it for the main characters of the book. As always, comments are welcome.

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  1. It's looking good man. I like how you have several different main characters. It will allow for a various side plots to be taking place while the main plot continues it's course. Very interesting and very cool. I am excited to read more. Just don't give to much away. ;) Keep up the good work!