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Saturday, June 19, 2010

"The Serenity Solution" Project, Part 1

The posts of The Serenity Solution Project will explore the various aspects of my book, everything from the world in which it takes place, to the main characters, to discussions about the plot and where I hope to see the work go in the future. I'll be posting this in several parts, and I invite and questions, comments, and discussions on the topics.

For now, I thought I'd start out by providing a bit of a teaser, something similar to what you might see on the back cover of the book once it's published. Keep in mind, this is just my imagination at work. I'm not a marketing major, so I'm not sure exactly what a publisher would put on the back. Enjoy.

"God punishes the wicked and Nature destroys the unwary, but Mankind's greatest enemy has always been itself. A century and a half after an apocalyptic nuclear war, Humanity is struggling to build a utopian society in the form of seven city-states. But even as peace and order reach new heights, there are those who seek to incorporate the city-states into their own sinister plans.

Even while struggling to keep the peace, a team of Police Officers with the Serenity Police Department finds itself in the middle of a growing war which threatens to consume the city-state of Serenity. Undermined by his own chain of command and confronted by betrayal, Captain Zakariah Atheeda realizes he has to take his team outside the law if he wants to save his city and, somehow, get everyone home alive. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman known only as Harmony holds the lives of countless thousands in her hands as she navigates the political minefields of future Earth in an attempt to subjugate Serenity for 'the greater good.'

As plots with global consequences unfold, these opposing forces collide in a battle in which the weak are pawns and only the prepared have any chance of survival. Sacrifices will be required, loyalties will be tested, and alliances will be found in the most unlikely of places. Strap in, lock and load, because this is the dangerous reality of the future. This is the reality of The Serenity Solution."

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